Hot Rescues is a fundraising calendar to help support pediatric burn camps in Texas.  These camps are put on by the Texas Burn Survivor Society and are completely funded on donations. Due to increase in costs, it has been hard for these camps to stay funded.  The Hill Country Firefighter Burn Fund was started by Central Texas Firefighters to help TBSS with the costs of camp.  Camp David is a week of summer adventure and discovery, designed specifically for pediatric burn survivors aged 7 to 16.  Camp David is unique among burn camps because it also includes siblings and children of burn survivors whose lives are also severely impacted by burn injury. While at camp, children learn skills such as fishing, archery and horseback riding, all of which could be the first encounter they have ever had. More importantly, kids learn the soft-skills of how to interact with others.  These values enhance their ability to not only survive the injury but, to gain self confidence, self-esteem and the coping skills which helps them to re-enter and function happily in society.
HCFBF partners with TBSS every fall to host “Camp Ax” in Austin, TX. The camp offers a weekend of support, camaraderie, and fun to teens and young adult burn survivors from across the state. All proceeds from the calendar go directly to HCFBF and TBSS.
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